Kill the Vultures' Carnelian International 'Best of 2015' Roundup

2015 saw the release of Kill the Vultures' highly anticipated fourth album, Carnelian. We've selected some of our favorite international end-of-year write-ups of the album to share. 

*Il Mucchio (Italy) - Album of the Month for December. Carnelian listed as one of the "Best of 2015." (follow link for in-depth review)

*Silver Rocket (Prague), "This is the best rap thing of 2015... the music texture equivalent of the first films of Jim Jarmusch." (translated)

*The Monitors (UK)- "52 Best Albums of 2015: ...this is probably the most musically exciting hip hop album of 2015."

*The 405 (UK) It's rare for hip-hop as cerebral as Carnelian to make you engage with it in the way that it's a hip-hop album that makes you want to dance without a small part of your soul dying inside you."

*Trois Couleurs (Paris) Under constant tension, worked by a rage that nothing soothes, they cook their urban mantras in an overheated tribal rap pan with free jazz. Best CDs of December. (translated) 

*Alternative Radio (France) A smashing return to business after six years of absence perpetuating once again brilliantly dark hip hop, urban and cerebral.Top 20 Albums of 2015. (translated) 

*Never Mind the Bee Stings (Italy) The year of the return of Kill the Vultures, who, with Carnelian, make a new large step in their fascinating idea of dark and suffocating rap. Crossed between beats and ethereal, obsessive jazz. Top 20 Albums of the Year. (translated)

Auftouren (Germany) With the sounds of woodwind and brass, strings and percussion instruments, producer Anatomy creates instrumentals that fluctuate between the elegance of cocktail jazz, the shimmering tension of orchestral film music, and the hustle and bustle of free-jazz escapades. The eerie and menacing overtones of the music draw on Crescent Moon's dark and abstract lyrics. Best of the year list. (translated)