Lyrics to all songs on Part One of Kristoff Krane's new album, Kairos.

Blank Slate

under water / blue flames / swimming in smoke

to a cave with a fistful of crystals 

dead center in the making of minerals

never been broke, so tell me what's the fix for? 


send em home kindly then 

race to the throne / all praise / give that a go  

fangs to the throat / less angst / more animal 


2x cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

give that a go

wiped clean



I got shocked when a force unseen starting breeding tornados in me 

copped a degree how to speak softly and unlearned how they taught me to be 


mimic the mantra, or make up a new one

passed the background check with flying colors  

I got nothing to offer your alter 

but a statue made of water 

sniffing out the lies, biting off the collar / color 


dancing with the naked truth

break rules, I can taste the fruit 

they hang low, a little late to bloom / I came to 

false idols sang tunes but they never rang true


falla' falla' sleep 

follow follow sheep 

follow sheep 

falla' falla' sleep 

follow follow me


shake me / help me stay awake 

I'm face to face with this gate-less gate  

it keeps changing shape 

I gotta razor blade dangling by a thread on the cutting edge 

try ta' try ta' 

try to put me in a box 

like a frog in a pot slowly boiling to the top 

since before I was born bread ready for the war 

conform to the norm or swarm with the flock 


between a rock and a soft spot 

kept quiet, hit the brakes, screeched to a stop 

high beams flicker in a dark space infinite 

fetal tides murmur the pulsing rhythm of life

guiding hand slaps me back moment I collapse 

some sort of solution / illusion / set trap 

one more time till the sunsets rising 

on the other side of the horizon / perfect timing 


cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

wiped clean


yeah, it's the golden age 

your going out your mind 

well I'm coming out face 

cuz' I'm running otta' mask 

and we're running otta' stage 

started at the finish line, 

so I wouldn't wanna race / I committed 


saw the apple tree and I bit it 

dropped down / down on my knees, I admit it 

came guilt free to the stream, jumped in it 

the act so vivid / the hero is mythic 


forever listen to the 'long-lost' yet never forgot songs that spin em in a knot 

killin’ em' slow / feeling the moan / steady chipping the block 

a heavy load / splitting image of god / the glows neon 


hot sucking air from the steam to flow free on  

A big blank slate I can lay both feet on 

diving / deep through a hole known freedom 

skies shake out of their bones, the souls beyond


ships that we're building 

gold frame and the strength of a raindrop

full fledge in the midst of a whirlwind 

sway while its swirling sink in the chaos


cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

send ‘em home send ‘em home blank

send ‘em home send ‘em home blank


found a new wave to serf 

hazy / faded / and the days a blur

promise not to fall dead in the face of rebirth

they try to cage the unknown in which the mystery lurks


I might…

start to fight 

always been a little more dark than light  

stones to grind / sparks ill fly

always had a little more heart than mind


cinema cinema blank / cinema cinema blank

wiped clean


spider bite

lightening strikes a random chord 

7 babies being born 

purges / old man warns me of a storm from the north

I whistle/ flag it down 

she pulls up and says ‘get in’  

asks me for the code / I pass it to her calm and cast a grin 


her pearly gaze is cunning 

deep growling in my belly 

she opens the backdoor / ruby jewels in the eyes of a mummy  

pocket watch fluctuates / hands beating skin drum

hear crows squeal / barbed wire with collapsed lung 

karmic map / flickers in the carnage 

worldly maze / crystal ball falls without a trace 

ricochets like a comet / I vomit and slowly sit up straight

the minutes fades into an eight and time becomes a different space


thousands of cultures, over million of years 

this place is older than dirt, I seek the cleanest of mirrors 

to eat the mess with the vultures / to be a feast of our fears 

sensing my deepest desires / spinning a web as she steers 


all you need is a bowl and a blanket this land you stand on is stolen / sacred 

pray for the souls tortured and warped by the war of hatred 

whispers ofall descendants bend echos throughout theses canyons 

just manage to sift through phantoms and listen tohear ‘em clear 


slick hypnotist dangles symbols inches over my chest  

stitching grids of inner star systems with every breathe

left headless in the backseat guided to death

approach the cliffs edge / blink once quiet and guess 

4x how in the world did it come to this? 

reawaken the present the future becomes the past 

resources taken by hoarders

I’m gasping, grasping for answers 

the primal need in my heart to disintegrate superstition 

taking shots in the dark where the octopus meets the panther 

that stalks in the psychic scape of all human beings under pressure 


we’ve been tested for imperfection 

they stick us with dirty needles to see if we’ve been infected 

I’m feeling young and I’m restless 

leap in a pool of death 

pulled from the wreckage left with a sense of abandonment 


with the urge to skip a stone across a sparkling sheet of glass 

ripples intersect / nerves / thicker than a rulers flesh / stretch 

silver snake shedding skin / dripping beads of sweat 

middle of dead winter, the shivers in full effect 


that gem was meant to be stolen 

that door was meant to be opened 

that code was meant to be cracked 

in fact I'm drunk off that potion 


that kind that never could end, unless the crystal glass that I'm holding 

is a reflection of hope I have for this cities collapse 

and in fact, I’m confident and never felt I was wrong 

until society showed me what was right / we waste our youth on the young 

there’s a thin line between the lies that they told 

and remembrance that I hold fully responsible for the kingdom I inherited 

heritage / carry grandparents torches 

ancestors influence passed on through variation experience

cherish buried awareness / to even have the opportunity to bear witness and participate in this web of existence 

invigorating as it is sickening / for me to live something must die 

check in inside / there’s no cure for it 

anything, anyone, everything / pathways myriad

in all directions in front of our eyes

awake in the back / hunger pains rise 

pull off on the side / visionless 


stepped out slow / solid ground / looked up at that sky 

same light from the stars up above 

same light that flows from the depths of our eyes

hold tight 

soaked in the warmth that we supplied 

as we orbit around that truth that we found like 

when we were young we both could've of died, but didn't 

galaxies in distance 

brought us closer in ways

it’s hard to explain 

through love we exchanged 

it’s coming alive 

trusted the pain enough to remain 

and mustered the strength to 

cut through those chains 

a million more times 

dream worlds collide 

we’ve been here before 

we know what this is

4x how in the world did it come to this? 

Head Stone

young / father gave me a gun  

said, ‘ you're gonna’ have a choice ’ 

I pointed it at the sun 


lowered a couple inches / finger sticking to trigger 

yellow bird on a limb / I shot her between the lungs 


done / barely made a sound  

as she fell through the air / hit ground 


grandfather's face embodied disappointment

bullet shells in the snow / his eyes, I did avoid them 


old soul / we approached slow 

blood stains seeped through a yellow fur coat 


knelt down / she had no chance 

held her warm body inside my cold hands 


hearing long winded songs she had once sung 

looking down at the dirt that had been dug 

put her in the the hole, looked up at that sun 

pointed that hurt at myself and hung...


my head low/ 

nothing is set in stone

written on that headstone

these empty hands stay closed  

when its time to let go

I did what I could to cope / all night

coulda' been an unseen glow / twilight

living underneath those bones


hang my head low

nothing is set in stone

written on that headstone

looking back at that dusty road

when its time to let go


we did what we could to cope / all night

coulda' been an unseen glow / twilight

watch the scenery unfold


scanned the forest trying to put a wing to the song 

feel like a feather on the breathe of God 

stretched out limb to limb sky opened up above

blood moon / starlight 

frozen water that I'm treading on


spark flame / I march to the grave

dark cave / arch angels awake 

hot craze / I change with the shape

star gaze / heart is a maze


navigated rooms of a thick skull

no windows / womb to tomb where the wind blows 

digging deep through the ruins with a pitchfork 

and when I finally came too, I was in for it


stomach and knees in knot 

energy freeze / it'll thaw / steam in a pot

time to put the keys in the lock 

not leaving ‘till I can see clean through the fog 


weave in and out between seasons / amnesia 

the cycles are endless / I sharpen my spear tip 

I've been here before, this is merely survival 

on the hunt for, unforgotten dreams that were lost


I am the target on hunt for the weapon 

the movement is simple / soon learned to be difficult 

distorted thinking from wishful to dismal 

extremes left me blinded / can't run from diseases we caught 

washed clean  

swelling in the backbone 


heavy heart, headed back home


blue spark in a black hole 


keys in the lock 


starving for that daylight

nothing is set in stone  

diggin' my own grave sight

looking back at the past I know

as it slowly fades right

through the cracks of unknown / all light

coulda' been an unseen glow / twilight

living underneath those bones / alright


snake can't see when it's shedding skin 

that just means that he's ready to strike

a tall entity, like a small enemy 

sees it'sall everything 

means that I'm setting my sights 

upon anything 


sinking both teeth / medicine

spread thin / breathe / thick smoke

poison / free / heaven is 

so deep / deep, we go


surrounded in a botanical garden with anacondas pirañas 

all sorts of immortal monsters to conquer  

the blue water is rising higher 

the harder I try keep my level head above it 

I cut adouble edge sword out  

grew / two sets of new horns

unsettled / new mortar and pestle 

plucking peddles / fill the gut up with edible  

luke warm heavy-metals / build a pedestal 

watch authority crumble into puddles of celestial

perception nexus / extraterrestrial 

wet / elemental message / guess I'll never know

wrote / sent a letter home in hopes that I could let em know 

how I cope with the changes in the whether, its inevitable 


blood in the snow

standing alone in the cold, clutching a stone 

on the hunt to let go / but I know that there's nothing I need

something I want 

no where to go / nothing to hold 

head to the stone / headed home 

head to the stone / headed home 

head to the stone / headed home 

head to the stone / headed home 


I hang my…

my head low/ nothing is set in stone

written on that headstone

these empty hands stay closed  

when its time to let go

I did what I could to cope / all night

coulda' been an unseen glow / twilight

living underneath those bones


hang my head low

nothing is set in stone

written on that headstone

looking back at that dusty road

when its time to let go


we did what we could to cope / all night

coulda' been an unseen glow / twilight

watch the scenery unfold


do you know where you are? 


look at the fire  

look at the star


do you know who we are? 


look at the fire  

look at the star

Touch the Flame

2x touch the flame / touch the flame  

who holds the higher ground? 

who has upper hand? 

I flip it on its head / there is no good or bad 

it takes another trick / it gives another chance 

see through another's eyes 

face to face, no looking back 


reach your hand down 

pull me up to show me 

show me where you stand 

lips are sealed / my tounge is tied in knots

untangle lies we spin 


why Not? 


climb to the highest peak in my blind-spot see a cyclops 

third eye blinks / sky god 

tight squeeze and release / python 

blind faith / move mountains 

I can see now, what I've amounted to 

something I look up to say Im proud of you 

take a walk in my shoes 


theres nothing more true 

than you are what you do 

the heart feels one pulse 

the mind breaks in two 

you are what you eat, until something eats you 

to keep it all straight,  I'd have to bend god's rules 


see through the voodoo and dejavue 

who knew with a couple of screws loose

it would ooze through the future 

blooms / hula- hoop / holy ghost / crucified 

loose my mind / I'm lucid 

hallucinogenic' s induce a movement 

new clues are presented when the 

student is ready, the master appears 

learn to swing steady and shatter that mirror 


time to lace boots up 

move like snakes on head of medusa 

chuck the deuce up / new favorite mudra

a fools construct can't phase a sutra  

awestruck / in the main frame parusha 

maintain aim / bang bang illusion 

main vein / full of that old pollution

truly insane and without asolution


to believe in cause and effect, is to breathe with claws round my neck

walking dead / rather sway in the breeze with a song in my head 

hunt for rocks/ then be caught thinking I am my thoughts 


I'm not my thoughts 

I'm not my thoughts 

I'm not my thoughts 

I'm not my thoughts 


must be that……


poison, poison, in my veins

poison poison it's in vain


    touch the flame / touch the flame  


who then believes in doubt 

open / Ieat my mouth 

gold light, comes leaking out 

content / I'm sleeping now 


moral code in order 

resources taken by hoarders 

who war in the name of normal  

just give us more of that sorta 

peace / that sobers a frantic mind 

thinking that there was something I had to find 

calcination of a calcified 

define distillation to a stripped down filterless 


the instant a hundred percent of intention is n-sync  

the image will instantly shrink into expansive states 

all belief systems amputated / full tilt 

instincts, aesthetics/ mystics 

more than 6th sense / intuition 

pouring from our forehead  

knocked off orbit / horses corpse pose 

in the o-zone / on a crash course race that has no end  


what end ? 

who said ? 

say a prayer 

jump in / feet first 

hands in the air 


tremble in the presence of her majesty  

hissing and recoiling itself / a misty memory 

deep space / plane that we navigate  

we haven't always been tamed like 

cattle in a cage with a rattlesnakebite 

activate half awake, at the break of daylight 

clean slate/ dream state

two worlds meet 

can't help myself/ I see I see I see 

can't help myself / I see I see I see 


a garden guarded by giants

aligned with the star highest 

lightning shining from diamonds 

in all directions in silence

where no division is made 

the harmony here is endless 

stacked to the end'th degree 

dimension is well protected  



7x everybody is free 


2x touch the flame / touch the flame  

poison, poison, in my veins

poison poison it's in vein

Forgiven Blood

I remember so well 

when you said to me in turn non-believers would burn in hell

when you told me that scientists were merely under a spell 

and the questions I asked were the voice of the devil himself


I tried to picture his face 

jesus my savior / my lord

but when I prayed I seen the image from that book on the shelf

it just didn't feel real, or maybe I was just bored. 

It was a double edge sword like dying when you are born


It tore me up like the pages I studied over and over 

hoping it'd click and that maybe I could think myself back in order 

and so I learned it by heart / said all my prayers before bed

grandmother spider up all night weaving that web in my head 

you took me under your wing / you kept me within your reach  

'till slowly I felt as dead as fish in pelican beak 


a burning hell in your speech / delicate / malleable brain  

I opened up like a register ready to give you change 

I opened up like umbrella afraid it was gonna rain 

my mother gave you a hug / my fathers hand you did shake 


I put the change in the plate/ you put the blood in my vein 

you put the flesh in our mouth / I put my trust in your fangs 


reign came sudden  

broken chains

kingdom crumbling

for giving blood in vain  

forgiven blood in vein


roll the die / paradise 

snake eyes / lottery 

choice finding voice / what cuts through noise? 



standing in the middle / mystery / eyes on the prize 

give me a good reason why the bad guy shouldn’t die 


I've been sharpening this blade for the last few months

sleighed all my demons now the caskets shut 

first come, first served / who’s the last to run? 


when a savior appears in every mirror 

in a split second, it’s clear 

there’s nobody else here to hold us responsible 

for the cards that were dealt, on top a make believe pot of gold 

put some heart in it, or blame the architect 

jump in the dark abyss / we all played a part in it 


running in the darkest hour trying to press record 

stay light on the feet and swing the heaviest sword 

left ‘em dead as a door knob when we opened the door 

either the guests went deaf or I’ve said it before, it’s like…


3x what you’re looking for is really looking for you


who is the criminal and what is the crime? 

why do you run every time that we’re looking for you? 


2x set fire to the confessional

wild on both sides / wild on both sides


when I entered the freshest exit wound all was left 

was a remembrance of some residue sculpted in flesh 

I got the motive of a vandal and the heart of a child 

bending light between will, fresh kill and a smile 


fresh kill on the hillside

3x easier to follow 

fresh kill on the hillside

easier to follow 


lead by tracks / heart thats been shot by an arrow 


trying to mend the broken circle while I'm standing in a square

choking / smoking up a storm thinking I could clear the air 

clothing on a newborn innocence, thats as bear 

as the truth flying naked / fair game unless your scared of heights. 


3x scared of heights

food chain left ‘em paralyzed 


somethings guiding me to the side of a cliff 

it tells me I should let it go while it just tightens its grip 


must be a 3x parasite

food chain left ‘em paralyzed 


as above as below this is as high as it gets 

still trying to figure out about which side I exist 


pull back the veil and see the child behind the fangs you flash 

same act / different cast 

same play / different masks 

same train / twisting tracks 

destination final 


we’re headed toward the cliff, so it’s stress or enjoy the ride home 


and you look at me like I’m a rabid dog in the park 

or the one who came to save you from one 

3x guess we make a perfect match 


pull these pins from out of my mind 

scrape away the twist prick straighten my spine 

make it, make it go away/ dull aches on both sides 

maybe this is how you speak when you’re dead on all sides 


4x set fire to the confessional

wild on both sides / wild on both sides


feeling like its all or nothing 

like I'm up to something 

like I'm onto something 

like I'm on something 

like I'm looking up to something 

feeling like I'm onto something 

like its all or nothing 

feeling like I'm on something 


I only eat what stumbles into my creation

suck blood to the bone to keep it cleansed 

who becomes the woven web?

and without it / we are nothing

all is sacred / no exceptions 


laid down by the stream / fell asleep 

dreamt of the worlds we projected and collectively agreed


she was our first mirror / vertical axis 

feelings similar / etchings become patterns 

with a filter and familiar tools to chisel out 


worst fears / a remembrance  

how to use them to build shelters 


with white sand on endless shores 

where nothing is still, until you're moved to tears 


2x only in your hell am I a killer

only in your hell am I a killer killer

move yourself to be stiller

move yourself to distill it


ouroboric fountains into fountains / cornucopia 

nectar of the gods flowing from a scepter wrapped in feathers and fur 


she stands / dead center in a desert 

surrounded by cactus patches / touching heavens undisturbed 


blue deer dance free, the outskirts protected 

by the windigo-con who makes the sweep for loose connections 


the stench of greed detected from the seed down in the trenches 

gets the teeth sharper than pieces of obsidian spears  


crows gather cutting noise / eluding grand illusion 

euphoria breeds inertia / releasing spirit / serpent 

depth perception deepens / sudden eruptions in the underworld 


as above, as below / silky hair, white buffalo 

 pack the pipe / willow bark 


Osseo / say a prayer 

disappear, with the smoke 

sparkles evervecent 


space is awesome / gorgeous 

enormous / before us, the next generation awaits


octopus telepathic / her third eye shutters 

becoming a portal into what shakes the ocean floor 

first drum / panoptic lens in all directions

the smell of copal transports to distant shores


vines climbed / then cut 

prayed over / chopped 

mixed in a black pot 

jaguars close sight / loaded and locked  

took a sip / sit down / couldn't get up 

memories older than dust 

felt in the pit of the gut 

kept slithering up 


tethered to umbilical chord 

of golden fabric 

the passage between madness and magic 

messenger manic and vexed

inducing tremors 'till settled into some womb 

transforming into a chrysalis 

hung inside a cacoon / soaking wet 


in a circle / looking at the same flame 

many angles / one source 

watch it dance in different ways 

we see it dance in different ways 


2x only in your hell am I a killer

only in your hell am I a killer killer

move yourself to be stiller

move yourself to distill it


co-written by: deM atlaS 


4x let it resurface let it resurface yea


I fall asleep inside a dream and stay awake

my eyes have seen across the sea / seen all the waves

I move beyond and carry on the break of day

when all is said and done my wings will fade away


 let the sage burn / wait your turn 

head on fire / smoky silence 

ultra violence / lost milage 

end up missing the carnival 


it’s just a ride / oh what a life 

lights flashing in the background 

now I’m backing down / ain’t you proud ? 


all this laughter /and I’m missing out 

in the school yard, call your landlord 

tell her that my rents late 

tell her that I haven’t paid 

head is bowed and now I pray for better days 

I’m afraid I lost my way for hells sake 

easier to fall thank meaningful to fly 

never been afraid to die 


my insides are your outsides 

from six feet to cloud nine 

it hits deep grounded in the sky 

stay out the body / mountains climbed 

life today is borrowed time 


out of pocket / out of mind 

eye to eye /  blue dot 

in space / out of line 


I’m wide awake 

vibrating with the fireflies ’til the light of day 

these higher states are acquired taste

little games my mind can play 

got me gyrating like a dying snake 

gravitating under water / wait my sail has seen those title waves where the sky falls


I don't know what to say to y'all  

all I know is that I stay too long

I’m afraid you aren't listening / can't you see I can't carry me

burning lamps will no kerosene no one has what I need

I’m afraid you aren't listening  

I’m afraid you aren't listening


floors wet / doors open / walking through it sideways 

hitch hiker / storm glider / are you going my way? 


inside a fun-house where everything’s upside down 

I know there’s something out there but I’m looking for the higher ground 


I hope the sky will fall 

just to get through it all 

eight ball / corner pocket 

had my soul / then I lost it 

I hope the sky will fall 

just to get through it all 


the hardship is costing me 

everything is nothing, yea


how am I suppose to see when I’m the problem 

so high the path beneath my feet becomes the sky I fall from 

wings strapped to my back in a maze in amazement crawling 

dragon / a ball n’ chain, hear ‘em calling my name 

double-edge blade karma. 


umbilical chord cut / light we came from is all love 

out come an aura / born in the eye of the storm 

born in the eye of the storm / all light / no fight, right ? 


fall in the center / there’s nothing to own 

to all the ancestors we honor the children 

now tending the flame through smoke 


tune into melodies older than eagles who float in the flow 

highest who know / tell ‘em to look out below 

we struggle to stay in the zone. 


I fall asleep inside a dream and stay awake

my eyes have seen across the sea / seen all the waves

I move beyond and carry on the break of day

when all is said and done my wings will fade away


let it resurface / let it resurface yea

everythings broken down / everythings broken down

Shine On

3x came to water more seeds

came to cut through fat


came to water more seeds 

cave from way over seas 

came to face king cobra 

face to face in the breeze 

came to break that boulder 

with the weight of the brave new on the shoulder blades 

this soldiers going to need some soma when I wake from the coma state 


I’m so elated / no mistake 

we create it / golden age 

what was up in smoke now smoldering 

just take a hit, hold it in, uh 


try hard to fill the gap 

climb to find the hill is flat 

tell me whats the thrill in that 

refined my skills and I peeled it back 

sleigh a beat / pray for peace 

a sanctuary from the raging streets 

breaking free / make believe 

november second 83’ 

DMT in the space between 

taste like DNA is clean 

cant complain, got my basic needs met 

come a little closer let me lay a secret 


gem on top your head, it may split your crown 

dew drips down but won’t make a sound when it hits the ground 

I found my voice when I lost myself / humming / left town 

till I came back around, now I am who I wasn’t 

summon the spirit of summer to 

come in the moment where lighting and thunder is roaring 

its pouring / its rain

through the third eye of Horus I see my body pulled apart by horses. 

I wonder, how can it happen again? / it’s so plain to see

water cries in the absence of your reflection are we


on the same page 

with the grace and the bass of an 808 

I made an angels face with a razor blade 

woke up on a stage and stayed to play my roll 

snake eyes / stare into those and break a leg 

jump / no where to land / find that crown when you hit the ground 


go for the gusto / want to stay but I must go 

when you play with the cutthroats, stick to the hustle 

scrape knuckles / shake shadows / break shackles 

a battle zone, a passage, a colosseum, a temple 

the sound of one hand clapping 

a target practice / assassins essential 

ascended masters are passing torches of medicine 

feathers, perception, messages, blessed to be reconnected with


surrender what they say to that dirt under the feet

surrender what they say to that dirt under the feet


shine On


we all know how it feels to be washed

we all know how it feels to be watched


not going to catch me 

stay under radar / cup full of empty 

stalk in a medley 

conquer the fear with a heartbeat deadly 

start with an ending 

mark of the beast is a god-head etching 

tempt me, do it for the family 

all we can be when forever expanding

test me, bet 

not going to stress me

go with the flow, get caught in an eddy 

only 1 zero / stay afloat 

if the stream isn’t clean, keep count on the blessings. 


not going to catch me


been here before, so I know where I’m heading. 

know where the road is now 

so I’m holding it down with a bundle of seeds I’ll be planting. 


3xCame to water more seeds 

Came to cut through fat 


Came to see that through 

Came to see through that


shine on


we all know how it feels to be watched. 


we are waiting for you

we are here for you


we hear you

we are you

we love you


shine on  


cosmos is blinking in octaves 

a million invisible hands 

inserting a pearl egg into my pineal gland socket 

theres no room to expand 


her and I are the fire and water 

we balance each other to live 

creator, she gave us a daughter 

a son/sun will soon rise once again 


made a vow / it's death to old sin 

shed skin in the face of space for pure light 

take a bow / right there where the overdose lives

closed quarters / no corners / the circle is airtight 


get it back / yea 

see what you can do to get it back 

our paths intersect on impact 

got whiplash, when lighting strikes in the pitch black 

and I'm dripping sweat / you kiss my neck / that's witchcraft

make an offering with this crystal glass / over this edge 

what can I give back? 


fingers crossed

hands folded

swirling up in smoke. 

on the other side

there are higher worlds below


so I stay cunning in this conundrum 

I might get summoned by the demons I come from 

a kingdom higher than our sun in the sky way up  

think about that flame, we call it love that burns inside of us 

I'm climbing upthis holy mountain side high as fuck 

with ivory tusks, ground up in a shiny cup 

both eyes are shut / I see it clear I find the top 

renew the universal mind before my time is up 


plant intelligence super human  

the elephant in the womb 

the skeletons fill their heavens

the poison inside their fruit


the choices we make are destined 

the noises we make are proof 

power structures crumble in silence 

right under a summer moon 


technology is our father 

our mothers a lovers bruise

they're under the same roof 

but sleeping in different rooms

the thunder it rang true  

uncover what they knew  

felt it inside my heart 

when it fluttered I came to

make tombs heya 


4x Yahweh 


never made a bed, so I don't sleep 

in it so deep with both feet 

naked, swimming in this old sea 

that slow burn / that old heat 

we need fish / getting seasick 

throwing heavy nets in the deep end

sweeping up ashes of phoenix 

where I see F I X 

hangin' on a cross like Jesus 

from three, six to nine golden pieces of trinity 

history / imagery / pulling me apart like a pillory  


I move through the dust like millipede 

I cut headslike a guillotine 

I numb flesh like killer bee

sunset don't feel a thing 

horizon line no I ain't lying 

don't get stung / its so sweet 

pinprick/ it's oozing / moving through the crack of that split tounge 

that old one 

that no one 

that's all one  

thats all alone  

thats all knowing 

when it comes down 

to the unknown sun  


hung in the sky way up

soon as I touched her womb 

and felt her move inside of us 


fingers crossed

hands folded

swirling up in smoke. 

on the other side

there are higher worlds below


I’m so grateful for the camp I'm in 

protected from these savages 

phantoms with pathogens 

angels in my shadows head 

running through these passages of dream worlds  

it’s habit or practice 

blue caps and some stems with some vines and some cactus


trying to see with you in the moment 

might turn the concrete to roses

light beams from the highest up 

our true design is unified 

theres no dividing us 




find a better way to pray to prey 

we are the double edge blade only God could touch

move in color like a cuddle fish / body plus 

consciousness wound tight / call me pyschonaut 

diamond cut / straight through lies when I am ONE. 

I got my wife and baby daughter to remind me of 

sooner or later I’ll be ground to the finest dust 

and I know that’s a part of life so I’ma die in love. 


then we found another way to pray to prey to pray



dream on old soul


follow my heart /  into the dark 

to be of service / what does it mean ? 

golden thread / spun in a web 

to be perceived /  rivers and streams 


won't stop till I wake on the bedrock

heartbeats to the breathe and their wedlock 

hit top guaranteed then you've been lost

every body fall asleep / make your head nod 

better not / gotta'  red dot aimed at the center and its red hot 

sit / then Iget soft 

squeeze/ then I lift off 

beam in the breeze to be seen as a witness

wellspring / shedding light colossal 

I feel the land on a hunt for fossil 

god within us / held her hostage

pineal gland leaking like a faucet now


high states

throw it all in  


thats my body

thats my body


high states  

throw it all in


thats our body

thats our body


monster in the flesh

spirit in the wind


feel this volcano blow

standing on the edge


thats my body

thats my body


shiva shocked the system 

broke down doors of our perception 

crushed collective assumptions 

reborn in bubbling gases /no shore 

open sore, in the pith of unfolding patterns

we slowly rose in the death of a thorn  

all frozen in ashes

what for? 

going back home / broke down to the fractal

black hole /  digging through pterodactyl bones 

shrapnel from the battle zone / stuck

in a half-full cup in a catacomb




dance to a natural rhythm 

crack the code to release this 

wounding / generations

DNA / food chain / misty memory 

cuts to the bone 




reflections of earth 

tech-tonic shifts

no twisting the hips when theres slits in the wrists

till this chrysalis splits it's as dark as it gets  

revisiting it every time we touch lips 


what choice lead to voices in my head  

telling me I don't exist and that I'd be better off dead? 

fearless,  when we're living on the edge  

infinity of mirrors and the vision never ends 


heart in the eye of an all knowing mind  

heart in the eye of an all knowing mind  

heart in the eye of an all knowing mind  

heart in the I have an all knowing mind  


monster in the flesh

spirit in the wind


feel this volcano blow

standing on the edge


thats my body

thats my body


mandala body made of that water

mandala body made of that water