Kairos - Part Two NOW AVAILABLE! + Track Listing & Credits

Kairos is the new two-part album from Kristoff Krane with music by Graham O'Brien. 
Part One was released 7.11.17. Part Two dropped 3.2.18 

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T R A C K L I S T I N G 

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Composed & Produced: Graham O’Brien
Words & Vocals: Christopher M. Keller
Except where noted
Spill // Guitar: Thomas Nordlund
Two Worlds // Vocals: Sarah M. Greer, Little Whale
Bird Tribe // Vocals: Alvin ‘Good Heart Golden Eagle’ Baker, Little Whale, Chances R Good, Sarah M. Greer, Sharri Keller, Andrew Henley, Nevaeh Morales, Ixel Marroquin, Kelly Tidwell
Nowhere // Vocals: Nevaeh Morales, Ixel Marroquin, Kelly Tidwell
Peyote Drum: Andrew Henley
Rattle: Tlakatecatl Marroquin
Kairos // Vocals: Proper T of Zuluzuluu & deM atlaS
Mixing: Brett Bullion
Except where noted
Mastering: Huntley Miller
AL7ONE // Mixing: Evan Bakke
To the Ground // Mixing: Graham O’Brien
Art Direction & Design: Kai Benson
Photo: Bill Phelps
Styling: Kristen Leigh