Insane World Lyrics

Mixed Blood Majority
Insane World Lyrics

Insane World

Joe Horton:
Too bad you can't be a prophet in your hometown
No more yelling in deaf ears ' Fuck this whole town
[Suit up and eat your breakfast soldier ' Hold the fort down]
Yea I bet I burn that fucker down before I pucker up
Stuck on the cusp of a new age of human consciousness
but don't think because I talk like Alan Watts that I won't rock this shit
Name dropping the dead ' Finger to obelisk
Damn the ominous storm and them totems I Fou-caulted 'em
and threw some lye on their ovum
so nothing ' not even hope'll grow
flick a lit match in slow-mo
it flies like a flaming moth wing
out of the many optics on me not a one could stop me
I grab my gas can and then split with a squeaky conscience 

All I hear is ‘your side, my side, borderline, chalk line
Brotherman which side are you on? Which side are you on?
Somewhere between midnight and the thin light of a new dawn

Insane word ‘ Insane Insane World

Crescent Moon:
I used to be your only son ' Made me feel like an only child, now I’m not the only one
But that dish is overdone ' Feed it to the fire and join the choir of lonely tongues
This whole city is a crime scene ' Everyone’s a suspect if you’d seen what I’ve seen
I’m just a pixel in the widescreen ' Bracing for the bullets when they hit me with the high beams
The sky blurs like someone else disguised her
Now my sides hurt and there’s Xs where my eyes were
synthesizer send a soul to save me ' Retroactive raise me, September 1980
Eleventh day, maybe, somewhere around noon time
Too late for baptism ' Too early for moonshine
Choctaw bloodline ' Blurry as the chalk around the body of my brother
on the wrong side of chalk line


Private Public

Joe Horton:
Cue the hip-shake ' Get the dead-headed rowdy
The stuttering neck crowd is pouting
They wanted a god and got a particle
Cut to them pissing their pants ' Cut to my victory dance
Postpartum depression to pre-mortem
There I go again with the doom and gloom courtship
My bad ' Promise that I'll change my tune
Something more appealing to the wasted youth
I gotta face the truth ' Spinning in circles trying to find to it
No luck yet' No fucks left
You want me you got me
Man I got nothing to lose
Nothing to prove to the who's who of the screw loose
Too few knew the funeral march by heart
So when I started to hum it the punishment loomed brutal
Phones lit up like the city at nightfall
The glow of the zombie army with nothing to fight for

Living with it, hiding from it, feeding off me
Private Public
Living with it, hiding from it, feeding off me
Private Public

Private Public

Crescent Moon:
Be patient ' Every time the sky falls we’ll hide in the basement and listen to the night crawl
If the moon’s vacant, we’ll gather ‘round the light bulb
When that thing burns out: put holes in the dry wall
Open your eyeballs ' Tell me what you see
Hey, hey, is the coast clear to shuffle my two feet through streets?
Move sleek ' Who’s he?
The hood in the back row? Holding a black rose
Don’t know how to act, though
Half pterodactyl ' Half gone ' Half-hearted attempts to catch a glimpse don’t last long do they?
Who they talking ‘bout too late?
I found out all these suckers must be drinking from the same batch of Kool-Aid
Now what it taste like? Savor the backwash
The color of dead skin ' The flavor of asphalt
Now if you bite, you bit it ' Tou might admit it
You’re not the type only the righteous live it


Can’t Get Enough

You know where I’m at ' [Where you at?]
Getting high with the scum out back ' Catching feelings
Knees to the floor ' Blowing smoke to the ceiling
‘til my eyes like funhouse glass

And I can’t get enough ' Pant and I puff
Can’t take it anymore ' Pour a little in my cup
Drink it up quicker than it comes
Like I got a hole in my cup
Can’t can’t get enough

Joe Horton:
Paid a pitiful pittance to get
rid of the gimmick and strip
down to the simplest yeah
Now I’m as ill as it gets
Sick with cure baby
Sick of the world looking at me like you’re crazy
when you’re crazy

Can’t take it anymore ' Can’t get enough
Too many eyes on me now for me to give it up
‘Least not in public
Preach all that free shit I want
Deep down I know that I’m not
What you think-Fuck what you think that I’m caught?
In between a rock and a bottomless drop
Like it or not it’s either jump or fall
and not a one of us is dusting off
None of us are dusting off
We’re just looking for something to call home
On the way down trying to drown like a king of the bar throne
sinking in tar slow ‘ screaming I’m on top

Take one down, pass it around ' 99 bottles and I still ain’t drown
99 bottles and I still ain’t drown ' 99 bottles and I still ain’t drown

Crescent Moon:
Tell the spectators they can stop watching
Finally hit rock bottom like a stock option
Somehow I got locked in ' My body wants the toxins
Free-falling from the clouds is how I’m caught often
I hear your god talking: “Please believe in me. Please believe in me”
I hear my god often: “You’ll be needing me. You’ll be needing me”

Raise a cold glass, drink to my health
Put the glass down, sink to my hell
Why can’t I just think for myself?
Pour some out for the day that I fell



Crescent Moon:
If I could sell the snakeskin back to the serpent
Then non-believers turn to Jesus and start preaching the sermon
I thought I told ‘em repeatedly not to stare at the sun
They forgot to blink and now they think that I’m the arrogant one
Please don’t compare me to none them that’s careless with tongues
They made a choice to be dumb ' Now the embarrassment comes
If it’s not apparent to some that choose to follow the herd
Act like they leading the pack, then watch ‘em swallow their words
Like dessert, like they’re hollow like it hurts to be them
Maybe they’ll ask to switch their masks so they can borrow a friend
Tell a friend, neighbor, lover, the next savior you discover
you’re in the market for hearts if they beat like all of the others
Conformity won’t kill you, just the life in your tongue
Don’t take my word for it, take the silence after I’m done

You might think you’re everything your mind’s eye touch
Keep your ears open and your eyes wide shut
You will get blinded when the skies light up
But don’t believe the hype from guys like us


Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ' Run and tell ‘em who it is
Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ' Run and tell ‘em who it is
Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ' Run and tell ‘em who it is
Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ‘ Run It ' Run and tell ‘em that name’s ringing like…

Joe Horton:
7 bil yelling may day ' Except for when they dream
so they just sleep between the pay days
Derelict is in black ' Rent’s in cash when the man gets back
shit better be in tact

You caught on a dozen cameras just flashing that old decoder ring
hoping nobody notices
Open that dirty orifice ' Insert final solution
It’s that or another movie binge
Double tapping on groupie tits

White or black skin you’re a captive
You ain’t got money less your lawyers got mansions
You ain’t running shit you just a stand in
Flesh to a phantom ' Something for the mob to get their hands on

You might think you’re everything your mind’s eye touch
Keep your ears open and your eyes wide shut
You will get blinded when the skies light up
But don’t believe the hype from guys like us

One Chain

Nose to the grind all day ' When it comes to money, man, it’s all fair game
Said they got 100 dead niggas, one chain [Dangling] ' 100 dead niggas, one chain [Dangling]
Nose to the grind all day ' Holes in the boat and dancing to make it rain
Said they got 100 dead niggas, one chain [Dangling] ' 100 dead niggas, one chain [Dangling]

Crescent Moon:
Stay still ' If we act right maybe they will
give us back life ' plus the food scraps they spill
Angels came down and told me I should pray til the chains feel
tight enough to hang me by my ankles
Pray til the pain feels like Jesus when they bleed us
Told me pray til my grave’s filled, then they’ll finally free us
Oh I’m grateful, thankful Master made me half-white
I know I’m lucky that he’s that nice

Just because the master hasn’t had to whip us in a while ' Doesn’t mean he loves us back
Just because the master hasn’t had to whip us in a while ' Doesn’t mean he loves us back
Just because the master hasn’t had to whip us in a while ' Doesn’t mean he loves us back
Just because the master hasn’t had to whip us in a while ' Doesn’t mean he’s on our side
Don’t believe him when he smiles

Joe Horton:
Chop it up with killers to get on the bullet’s good side
Either plug an ear or duck in fear and if you could hide from eyes in the sky
Life’s sweeter with your piece of the pie
Try fasting they got cleaners that’ll snipe you at night
Overseers that’ll read you your rights
Whip cold in the holster
Still I’m feeling older than I’m supposed to
Grind taking two tolls ' Flesh and soul
Heaven knows the pressure so intense it left me two tone
Half of me is atrophied the other half is too strong
Average it and move on ' Don’t feel like I’m human
Skin peel like it’s glued on ' Oh shit what have you done?
They gon’ start to panic thinking what planet are you from?

If etiquette’s divine then ' mine is the crime of a new athiest
who waited too long as a pawn of satan to say this shit
Pink slip or guillotine ' Wither way you leaving in a box
Gotta feed the beast


Every Lesson Unlearned

Joe Horton:
Is this a fortress or a jail cell? 
Drag the warden out
One more bag of skin on the pile with a gaping orphan mouth
Lookie here little birdy regurgitating it hurts me
There's certain pains I'll endure, but you gotta pay me first
So says the older of the satirist twins
swinging a twig with a padawan twitch
Saddled with nerves at what lurks under murky surfaces
The mystery's king
If you didn't ask a question why you kissing the ring? Huh?
Soft shoeing, gun clapping, that’s the same dance
Festooned the exit wound with jewels to get you lined up
Don't look like you mind much ' Cueing for the crosshair
It's not fair ' But only thumb sucking bitches and punks duck
So says the younger ' Punch drunk and crazed from the hunger pain
Undercame his dumb luck with novocaine and sugar pills
Took a real man to admit he wasn't real
Now he knows just how his brother feels 

Crescent Moon:

Run while you still can ' Walk while you still stand
They’ll have us down on all fours ' We fall for the bills and
the pills and the thrills and the mansion on the hills and
The shallow end is deep ' Ain’t no telling where we will land

Keep your fire light low ' Otherwise they might know our whereabouts and whereabout we find our inner light so the night cold ' Best watch your step upon the tight rope
If one falls, we all fall ' No lifeboat, no white horse to ride off in the sunset,
Happily ever after ' They ain’t never changed the script, they’re just casting better actors

[Hope you’re ready for your close-up] ' Hold up a minute, don’t be acting all surprised when they roll up in tinted windows asking for your identification
[Why spend your time chasing peace?] With eyes in the sky, vacant
Lost my patience for every operation concerned
with force-feeding information in the face of every lesson unlearned

Every lesson unlearned ‘ No stone unturned
Long as the sun burns ‘ Long as the sun burns

I’m With It

Joe Horton:
Better act like you know how to navigate the overgrown binary jungle
or that’s it for the misfit ' click click racking up stats
Couldn’t care less stance ' Pat on the back addict
Back at it ' Stack fun tickets like a bad habit
Laughing all the way to the cash in
It’s your quarter hour you bask in it
I can tell it from your selfie pose
you’re a special rose and the world’s most venerated passionate
Unbridled finally do battle with lion
We like to see blood on the page
in defilement of everything lamb like
Damn right ' I’m with it
Down to pull a stooge on a doe eyed
droog and you know I
move with a crew full of similars ‘ F I X
Other cats try but they never get the clone right
Goes like this…

Crescent Moon:
Blasted ' Put me out back where the trash lives
Never should’ve opened up the ziplock plastic
Trapped in my body ' Feel like gridlock traffic
[This massive ' This for the masses 'Built so high that they can’t look past it]

If I [If I] ' If I’m being honest
I do sit back [Sit back] ' look what I’ve accomplished
I can see that [See that] ' yes, they really want it
Written all over their responses ' Consciously or unconscious
Atheists and agnostics swear to god they just felt the prophet
But the truth is music just moved ‘em to the point they question their logic
Y’all don’t know what to call it ' Why even give it a name
If the only purpose it serves the jury’s to frame it and hang it?

Am I speaking your language or do you need it translated?
Do I gotta break it down to that ' take it down to that same-old-same station?
How many gon’ vibe don’t hear me though? Just let it ri-ride material?
Better close your eyes for the lullaby high ' Get lost inside the stereo

Foxes Den

Crescent Moon:
I got frenemies ' Got a lot of frenemies
Got a lot of people think they’re something they pretend to be
But eventually, expose them and their tendencies
Put ‘em in their proper place with silverfish and centipedes
Tie ‘em in the trees, have ‘em swinging in the wind and breeze for centuries
then maybe I can finally find a sense of peace
Extermination physically and mentally
Potentially lock down their potential in penitentiaries

Joe Horton:
I was born in the foxes den ' My brain was deprived of oxygen
I came to despise this box I’m in ' but then the joke hit
Maybe they don’t know that they don’t know shit

All my people mixed blood ' Put your fists up
Put your fists up ' Put your put your fists up
All my people mixed blood ' mixed blood

Joe Horton: 
I was born in the foxes den/ my brain was deprived of oxygen
I came to despise this box I’m in, but then the joke hit

Top siders got a lot of nerve
Right until it’s time to swerve
Tires on fire that’s the final turn
Fire hot enough to make a diamond burn
Better learn quick or them michelins make you eat your words

Camera '  Who the fuck is that with the camera?
Camera ' Why they aiming at me with my hands up?
Can’t run ' Got me 360 panorama
And I can’t kill a villain ‘cause I am one


Crescent Moon:
I’ve been every shade under the sun
I’ve been every name ever came off of the tongue
I am slave in the slave owner’s blood
But no matter how I change I remain as one


Burn That

Mountain long way away
Nothing but sand by now
Like a dead star shining
lights my way from the grave
and I sat right down
Laughed out loud
River no banks, I’m the whole thing
Even though it looks like the eddies have eyes
and that many men die from floating

Joe Horton:
Time time
Nothing but time
Nothing but time and 7 8 9
Words that my man wrote shiver up my spine
Nigga on a tightrope
Thinner by the mile  
How how, can I get down?
One step to left do the trick
That’s where the rest of 'em is  
Spit with a pessimist twist
Make it sound dirty 

Don’t look down
Don’t look ‘ Don’t look down

I been a million places ' Opened a million doors
I seen a lot of faces ' I forgot ‘em though
I forgot 'em though ' I forgot 'em though

I seen a lot of face ' I forgot 'em though

Burn that ' Burn that ' Burn that
(I don’t want you to) Burn that

Crescent Moon:
I threw a stone at castle walls trying to smash it all
when I ran out of stones I used my bones ' it had to fall
Gave it everything I had and then it asked for more
Left me standing back in awe ' The granite didn’t crack at all

I seen a sea of cloudy faces ' I forgot ‘em all
Don’t know their names ' which road they came here on ' which God they call

Cutting through smoke (cutting) ' Nothing but a joke
Nothing but a boat in the ocean tossed in the waves
Tried to look ‘em in the face while they’re going through the motions

Mountain long way away
Nothing but sand by now
Like a dead star shining
lights my way from the grave
and I sat right down
Laughed out loud
River no banks, I’m the whole thing (x3)


You Wouldn’t Believe Me

City’s sleeping in a million pieces
and they’re all exactly where they’re supposed to be
Little people in a big machine
trying to live the dream without opening ‘ invisible eyelids
What’s it like on the other side?
There’s no preparing for a new awareness
Plus you wouldn’t believe me if I told you

You wouldn’t believe me
You wouldn’t believe me if I told you
There’s no preparing for a new awareness
Plus you wouldn’t believe me if I told you

Joe Horton:
Red hand and a fistful of dead time [Chill out]
Stick to the script or with one flick of the wrist you'll be licking up piss
where the immigrants is ' Bitch get a grip
Get money ' Get rich
Get your check signed Pick a chemical to get by
Pick a ' Pick a lie then stick to it
Game day nigga

Stakes can't get any bigger
Snake and a river and a thin line between 'em
Thinner than the ribbon on a tree trunk
Thicker than blood dripping from the tip of a pigeon feather
Written in some indigent tongue is a letter in the dirt to the death hum
Predators cry out ' Render the flesh numb
Best of 'em do the reticent clown
Rocking a red lipped smile while keeping the head hung

Crescent Moon:
Had a dream last night ' I was the only one woke
Everyone else was sleeping ' Living their lives in mirrors and smoke
Walking ‘round unconscious ' Not alive, not dead
I tried to shake the pacified passerby but they seemed satisfied trapped inside their heads
Tried talking to ‘em first ' Started yelling when I saw that didn’t work
Cussing with my hands in their faces ' Cops came ‘round tried to put me in bracelets
Sleepwalkers closing in ' Cold as the streets that I’m frozen in
Only one woke only one that can fight back
Eyes wide open, I don’t come with a price tag


Same Thing Coming

Joe Horton:
Half speak en vogue in the cesspool
Idol tongue running this
Cunning as the best fool sitting on the top of the pyramid
Tried to help him down, but he wasn't trying hear it
Fine then be like that ' Live in my skin and you would see that trap
Stack cash with a tight ass midas touch ' Finance your ransom  
[Rise up] 
Right as the crash comes
Half done don't play with the cops in your brain
they're impossible to slay with a cap gun
Captain, old flame of the waves
getting paid to be brave throwing souls to the flash flood
Rats run with their tails tucked
Crew stuck nails in the planks to impale us
Blood for the wind god ' Praying to an ear that has been gone
Sinking with the sails up ' Wonder what went wrong

They put me in the cage with the others ' Thought that I was tame but I wasn’t
Now they got the same thing coming ' Yeah, they got the same thing coming
Faith ain’t nothing but a game face, cousin ' Trying to save face everyday take cover
Halo on the cage made of buzzards ' And they got the same thing coming
Yeah they got the same thing coming

Crescent Moon:
Died with my boots on ducking thin lies ' Dim eyes on a new dawn
And when the feeling came it was too strong
[Yea, bet it wasn’t long ‘fore you moved on]

Too gone to speak ' Too gone to care ' Too gone to notice
Out of focus ' Hope is hanging by a hair
I found another way to leave my flesh behind
Where stress resides and self doubt crept inside
Took a deep breath filled my chest with pride
Stetched my mind and death pushed the rest aside
Pressed rewind, now I’m lookin’ who dunnit?
Who want it? One, two a few hundred?

Firing blindly in the dark all I see is the spark
from my tongue and I’m trying to hit my mark
My heart, my lungs, they start to come apart
from the hatred they’re weighed with and from the start
I knew that I was destined for the path I walk
The mask is off from birth til the casket drops
Started off slow, ended up running ' Don’t matter in the end
‘cause we all got the same thing coming


Mixed Blood Majority Announce 'Insane World', Release Show at First Ave Mainroom

Mixed Blood Majority announced the December 4th release of Insane World, the follow-up to their debut self-titled album. Preview Same Thing Coming the first single from Insane World.

Mixed Blood Majority also announced a massive release show for Insane World At First Avenue Mainroom w co-headliner P.O.S and special guest GRRRL PRTY.

Listen to Carnelian, The Massive New Kill the Vultures Album, Out Now

 Cover Art by Kai Benson

Cover Art by Kai Benson

CD + Shirt:
CD (Europe):

On Carnelian, rapper Crescent Moon delivers surreal narratives based on the intersection of race, religion, and crime from his perspective as a person of mixed-race heritage. Producer Anatomy explores the dark altered state suggested in the vocals, incorporating avant-garde influences, while staying rooted in hip-hop. The title refers to a red semi-precious stone, which is often found in religious and royal artifacts. The root of the word carnelian refers to the latin carnis, meaning flesh.

 Photo by Cameron Wittig

Photo by Cameron Wittig


New Kill the Vultures Single, 'Shake Your Bones,' Premiered in UK Mag CLASH

Shake Your Bones, the lead single from KTV's forthcoming album, Carnelian, was featured today in UK magazine CLASH. Writer Robin Murray called the track "lyrically astute and rhythmically dexterous, the taut atmosphere is matched to a real sense of drive and energy."

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