Christopher Keller is an artist and youth advocate from Minneapolis Minnesota. As an adolescent Keller struggled deeply with identity, societal expectations and spiritual belongingness, and as a result was often in-conflict and/or in-trouble. At 17 he had his first profound experience with a ‘communal freestyle’. Not only did it become a positive outlet, but a tool to help him see clearer into his inner world and the interconnectedness of the human experience. Now at 34, his philosophy and approach rests on these two pillars: improvisation and community. 

Best known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, free-styling and performing, Keller has cultivated a unique voice which draws from lineages of rap and folk and ranges from melodic choral arrangements to rapid-fire free-jazz deliveries often channeled in the form of story-telling. In addition to his solo releases, he was frontman alongside Micheal ‘Eyedea’ Larsen in Rhymesayers’ freestyle group, Face Candy. Keller is also co-founder of Minneapolis-based artist collective F I X, which released his latest release, Kairos: a two-part album with music by Graham O’Brien. 

As well as leading a residency-based Music workshop at Youth Space, Safe Zone, he currently works at Venture Academy Charter School, as a SPED paraprofessional, yoga instructor and Artist-in-Residency and Experiential field-trip Coordinator. Keller is recipient of the 2017 Artist Initiative Grant through the Minnesota States Arts Board where he will collaborate with Native Drummer & Singer, Alvin ‘Good-Heart Golden-Eagle Baker’ in a series of ‘Sunrise’ performances at Minnesota State Parks. 





Kulture Klub Collaborative was fortunate enough to have Minneapolis-based musician and rapper Kristoff Krane with us for a residency based on performance, writing, and recording in our studio. Young artists drew inspiration from videos of performances by Nina Simone, Amiri Baraka, Lauryn Hill, and Gil Scott Heron. Discussions about identity, race, police brutality, homelessness, foster care, and family were the sparks igniting the flames of explosive creativity. Guest artists graced us with their stories and skill sets, and added to the experience. This is video is a documentation of both the process and the work that came out of it. That work turned into an album called 'The Deep End', named for the levels that these young folks went to. Listen to the album below. Funded in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. 


Big Drum & Sweat Lodge Experiential Field Trip with students of Venture Academy and Native American drummer and singer, Alvin 'Good-Heart, Golden-Eagle' Baker.