Kristoff Krane: KAIROS - PART ONE [Vinyl/CD]


Kristoff Krane: KAIROS - PART ONE [Vinyl/CD]

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Composed & Produced: Graham O’Brien
Words & Vocals: Christopher M. Keller

Chiron // Slide Guitar: Patrick Pegg
Head Stone // Outro Synth: Adam Svec
Touch the Flame // Vocals: Sarah M. Greer & deM atlaS
Forgiven Blood // Vocals: Peter Pisano & Kyle Keller
Resurface // Lyrics & Vocals: deM atlas
Shine On // Vocals: Lady Midnight
Pearl // Guitar: Jeremy Ylvisaker
Body // Turn Tables: Andrew Broder // Vocals: Little Whale

Mixing: Brett Bullion
Except where noted
Mastering: Huntley Miller
Pearl // Mixing: Adam Krinsky
Forgiven Blood // Mixing: Graham O’Brien

Art Direction & Design: Kai Benson
Photo: Bill Phelps
Styling: Kristen Leigh